Executive Director

Nicole Fuhsel




Day Program Manager

Andrew Giebelhaus

Residential Manager

Ronni Deleavey

Business Manager

Laurie Savill



Day Program Staff

Mary Bond

Sandra Bowmaster

Brandy Cormier

Ben Diankulu

Colleen Duits

Lindsay Grant

Christa Kyle

Donna Madore

Nikita Pawlick

Shelby Popowich

Robynne Schultz

Mallory Stacey

Teena Van Boom

Holly Veitch

Brady Watt

Christine Zentner




Residential Staff

Mardi Baker

Katie Burt

Penny Corbin

Amber Jensen

Brenda Jensen

Mekelle Hassen

Abigail Lamptey

Gerry Lang

Judy Lewis

Diana Manion

Chris Manion

Jennifer McNeil

Bethany Moore

Nicole Murphy

Max Nickerson

Sally Nickerson

Michelle Photiades

Tina Rediron

Alesha Reid

Linda Reid

Charity Reid Rourke

Jenifer Santiago

Juniver Santiago

Sheila Sears

Diane Sims

Bernadette Stothert

Ineke Van Beek

Teena Van Boom

Shirley Weslosky






The staff at LINX are the best.

~ Mike (Leduc)

The thing I like best about LINX is the fact that I have an awesome coach and I’m getting the support I need.

~ LINX client

LINX has helped me to find a job, build my confidence and help with my anger issues.

~ LINX client

The thing I like best is that LINX is a very great place to work at. The staff is terrific and treat the clients with lots of respect.

~ LINX client

LINX has helped me because they supported me about wanting to live independently

~ LINX client

I am so proud of all the hard work that LINX does to provide support to it's clients and staff.

~ LINX staff