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Learning Inclusion Networking X-cellence


 (Volume 2010 No. 3)

As the weather warms into springtime temperatures, LINX has more exciting news for the clients, parents, guardians, staff and the community of Leduc and area.
Second Anniversary of LINX Connect Centre
On April 1st LINX Connect Centre held an Open House and party to celebrate its second anniversary. The celebration was very well attended by clients, parents, guardians, staff members, special guests, members of the public and the Board of Directors. Client Spokesperson Rodney Brunet and the Chair of the Board of Directors, Eugene Miller acted as Masters of Ceremonies for the presentations. Greg Krischke the Mayor of Leduc again brought greetings from the city. Mr. Krischke is a very loyal supporter of LINX. In introducing the Mayor, Eugene mentioned that two recent additions to LINX were a direct result of financial support from the City of Leduc. New computers are now available to the clients and the staff at the Connect Centre. One of the clients remarked that the new computers even have Windows 7 and Office 2007. Another innovation at LINX has been the introduction of a nutrition program that will be offered through the Kosmos Community Kitchen at the Leduc Recreation Centre. On March 31st some clients and LINX staff prepared the cake and some of the goodies for the party at Kosmos Kitchen. There was a special announcement and presentation made at the celebration. Two officials from PDD Central (Red Deer), CEO Wayne Marrow and Director of Community Resources Blaine Gillies, brought congratulations to the Executive Director and her staff on the successful completion of the Creating Excellence Together accreditation. The certificate will be proudly displayed in the Connect centre. Mr. Marrow mentioned that this is a major accomplishment for an organization that is only two years old. 
Leadership & Employee of the Month Awards
Congratulations to the latest recipients of these two awards which are presented monthly:
Leader of the Month                            Employee of the Month
March          Wanda Pearson                                   Tina Van Boom     
Volunteers Required
There is need for volunteers for some projects that will assist LINX. A number of volunteers are needed to assist in the renovation of the snoezelen room. This facility is needed for the clients. There are two Elks bingos in May (May 2 and 20) at which LINX is assisting and is a fundraiser for both organizations. On April 25th, the Canadian Tire store is holding an auction at the Grain elevator. LINX was asked to provide a BBQ Concession for the public and all proceeds from the BBQ would be for LINX. Volunteers are also requested for this event.
Client Employment
          A number of LINX clients are seeking employment. Anyone knowing of any opportunities is encouraged to contact the LINX office. Meaningful work and gainful employment is an important component of programming for clients.
Respite Homes
          The residential Manager, Vera Dumais is looking for additional respite homes for clients. Respite caregivers provide a valuable service to the clients and their regular caregivers. If you are interested or know of someone who is interested in opening their home to a client on a respite basis, please contact Vera at the LINX Connect Centre office at (780) 980-9423 ext 225
Nutrition Program
          As mentioned above the Nutrition Program began on March 31st.    Future classes will be offered on April 7 (9:00 am), April 16 (1:00 pm) and April 24 (2:00 pm). Stay tuned for more classes.
LINX Connect Centre Website & Facebook
          This is a reminder that everyone is encouraged to ensure that they regularly check the LINX website at for updates and current information. Recently LINX also joined Facebook. You can become a fan of LINX Facebook by contacting Kathy at the LINX office.              
Fundraising Activities
          A Fund Raising Committee was held on March 16th. Second Glance continues to be a regular donator to LINX. If you wish to donate your bottles and cans to LINX you can do so by taking them to the Leduc Bottle Depot and indicate that you wish to donate the proceeds to LINX. A special thank you to the Bottle depot.  
Future Board of Directors Meetings
The next Board meetings are scheduled for:
April 28 at 7:00 pm at the LINX Connect Centre
May 19 at 7:00 pm at the Leduc Connect Centre
June 16 at 7:00 pm at the Leduc Connect Centre
You are invited to attend any LINX Board meetings.



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