Employer of the Month



January 2016 Edward Jones!  This new employer has been very supportive to their new LINX employees. They are always welcoming and have been a wonderful addition to our inclusive employers!!!
December 2015 Sobey's Beaumont!  Sobeys employees two of our clients for many years now. Sobeys is a great support and we appreciate all the years of dedication working together. Thanks Sobeys for all your continuous support!!!
November 2015 Nisku Tim Hortons!  Nisku Tim Hortons recently employed one of our clients. Thank you for the support you have given and look forward to continuing our relationship together. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!
October 2015 Playing for Keeps Toys and More!  We welcome you to the community and thank you for employing two of our clients, joining them into with your team! Thank you for your support and look forward to building an ongoing relationship together!!!
September 2015 Canadian Tire!  Canadian Tire employees one of our clients that has been there for 17+ years. They are always friendly and helpful to the staff who supports our client. It is great to have such a long time supportive company that we have a great working relationship with. Thanks for all your care and community support!!!
August 2015 Subway-Leduc Common!  Subway employs one of our clients and has approached us to hire a second person. They have shown great support and are always welcoming to our staff that come and follow up. We appreciate all the kindness they have shown us in the past years. Thank you Subway!!! 
July 2015 Flaman!  Flaman has recently employed two of our clients. Rocky and Mark and their team have been very welcoming and supportive with them and our staff who attend with them daily. Thank you for your great support and for giving the clients a great place to work!!!
June 2015 Basintek!  Annette at Basintek has been a great supporter of ours. She has been a wonderful support to Jennifer Toomey who has been very happy at her job there for over a year now. Thank you Annette and your team for being a great support for Jennifer and LINX!!!
May 2015 Boston Pizza!  Ken Behiel is the General Manager that has recently employed two of our clients. They have been great at making LINX feel welcome to be part of their team. We appreciate your ongoing support!!! 
April 2015 Silver Shears!  Silver Shears employs one of our clients.  They show a great support for this client by recognizing her abilities and helping her become more independent.  They are also a great supporter of the many events and activities LINX engages in throughout the year.  Thank you for your wonderful support!!!
March 2015 Dollarama-50th Street!  They have recently employed one of our clients and are willing to take on another soon.  They have shown great support to the client they have hired and have made it successful for her!!!
February 2015 Nisku Petro-Canada!  The staff that work along side of Aaron have been very supportive to him and help make him so successful.  Thank you for the support you have shown Aaron!!!
January 2015 Leduc Co-Op!  Co-Op has two of our clients Volunteer twice a week to help bag groceries. They show lots of kindness and support having them there. Thanks for all your great support Co-op!!! 
December 2014 Days Inn!  They employ one of our clients and have been very supportive of him and flexible of his schedule. Thank you for all your support you have shown!!!
November 2014 Leduc Smitty's!  Smitty's employs one of our clients that has been working there for many years. They are a great support for her. Thank you Smitty's for all your ongoing support!!!
October 2014 Wal-Mart!  Wal-Mart has employees many of our individuals. They have been very supportive and flexible to make it work with hours and changes that were necessary to meet our budgets. Thank you to Wal-Mart Management for being so understanding and awesome to work with, and for your ongoing support!!!
September 2014 Nisku Rec Centre!  We have three clients that are employed at this Centre.  Your support you give our clients is amaing.  Thank you for all your support!!!
August 2014 Basintek!  Basintek has employed one of our clients recently.  Annette and her team have been a wonderful support.  They are a new business and took it upon themselves to reach out and want to employ our cliental.  Thank you for your kindness and ongoing support!!!
July 2014 Cora's!  Cora's has recently employed one of our individuals, and offered employment opportunities to others.  They have been a wonderful and supportive.  Thank you to John and his staff for being so wonderful!!!
June 2014: Executive Hotel Alexandra!  We have many clients that are employed at the Hotel.  Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication that you give!!!
May 2014: KFC!  KFC has employed one of our clients for over 14 years.  He loves his job and cannot wait to get there for each shift!  Thank you for all you ongoing support as an Employer!!!
April 2014: Nisku Petro-Canada!  Gail has been a supportive boss to a new employee, they have met the training needs of our participant with patience and understanding of his needs. Thanks for all your support!!!
March 2014: Wal-Mart!  Wal-Mart has employed many of our individuals.  They are a great support to our individuals who work there.  They are flexible with our scheduling and of changes that we have to work towards.  Thank you Wal-Mart management for all your great support!!!
February 2014: Zulu Hair Salon!  Zulu staff are welcoming and supportive to having two of our Clients have training opportunities there.  Thank you for your ongoing support you give to us!!!
January 2014: Leduc Bottle Depot!  Thank you for the ongoing support you give to LINX.  You have been a great community support to many of the individuals we have at our program!!!
December 2013: No Frills!  We are thankful for a great Management Team that supports our individuals with volunteer and employment opportunities. They also always buy a table for their staff at our Gingerbread Gala! Thank you for your great support!!!
November 2013: Sobey's Beaumont!  Cindy had the opportunity to job coach there and the employees and management are excellent at providing inclusion and embracing the LINX individuals as a valuable part of their team!
October 2013: CTK! They provide volunteer opportunities for several of our individuals and are always supportive and welcoming. Thanks for providing LINX with opportunities to learn new skills!
September 2013: Leduc Bottle Depot! They have always supported our fundraising efforts and provide a bin at the depot for donations. Kim and all the employees are always friendly and welcoming. 
August 2013: The Leduc Rep! The Rep has always been supportive of LINX and willing to attend any of our occasions. One of our individuals has a Friday Route and the Rep is very supportive and the papers are always waiting when we arrive in the morning.
July 2013: Coffee News! This Company offers employment to citizens of LINX as well as many individuals in the province that are PDD funded. We recently welcomed them back as an employer and this has provided employment for some of our new clients.
June 2013: Executive Express!  They continue to provide long term employment for six of our individuals in housekeeping, Ricky's Restaurant, Lobby, and parking lot.  The different departments also work well with the follow-up job coach.
May 2013: Salvation Army!  Welcome back to our employer list!!  They have wonderful staff and management who have offered employment and volunteer opportunities for LINX individuals. Thanks for your support!!
April 2013: Coffee News!  Coffee News has been an employer for LINX individuals for 8 years!  This is their last month with them, but we appreciate all of their support for these many years!!
March 2013: Ceramics'R'Fun!  Joyce has been a supportive member of the community for many years!  Every year our Thursday Ceramics group grows and Joyce welcomes the additions and help teach them new skills. Thanks Ceramics'R'Fun!
 February 2013: A&W Leduc!  LINX has two individuals who work at A&W. One lady works in the morning and then after she is finished her shift another one of our ladies works in the afternoon. They enjoy the atmosphere there and like being included in our community with the many regular customers. Thanks for your support A&W.
January 2013: Executive Royal Inn!  They employ three of our individuals 5 days a week in the kitchen, lobby, and laundry room in their beautiful facility. All the employees were given a Christmas turkey as a bonus this year. Thanks for all your support.
December 2012: Nisku Inn!  Nisku Inn has employs two of our individuals in long term positions as well as be the home of our Gingerbread Gala.  They do an outstanding job of providing support to LINX.
November 2012: Flamans!  Thank You for your generous Gala donations and for providing employment opportunities as well as all the positive things you do for our community.
October 2012: Beaumont Sobeys!  Sobeys provides employment for two LINX individuals and lots of job experience training for individuals at Beaumont Comp. Thanks for your support Sobeys.
September 2012: Canadian Tire!  They have offered long term employment for individuals at LINX as well as a generous donation of paint and supplies to spruce up our lockers. Thank you Canadian Tire.
August 2012: Wal-Mart!  Wal-Mart has provided many opportunities for individuals at LINX. They currently have three long term employees working in various departments. Thanks for your support Wal-Mart!
July 2012: Second Glance!  Second Glance provides volunteer opportunity for several of our individuals as well as supporting us through generous grant donations. The volunteers learn important skills and always enjoy being at the store. This year we will be purchasing ergonomically correct chairs for our classrooms. Thanks for your support Second Glance.
June 2012: No Frills!  No Frills have offered employment and volunteer opportunities for several individuals at LINX as well as provided support by donating bottles and cans to our recycle program (while insisting their employee/our client gets all the credit!).  They also attend our Gingerbread Gala with a table for their employees. Thanks for all your support No Frills.
May 2012: Calmar Co-op!  The Calmar Co-op is supportive and flexible with their employees and has a nice work environment.
April 2012: Smitty's!  They are supportive with employment as well as helping us attain inclusion with excellent service when we have our coffee outings.
March 2012: Kennelli Springs Bottled Water Store!  This employer has been a very supportive employer for LINX.  They provide a wonderful environment to learn new job skills, grow confidence with its employees, and advocate for our agency.  When our staffing was running low, they offered to take on the extra supervision of their employee from LINX so he would not have to miss out on his job.  Thanks for providing such a great work experience for our individuals!
February 2012: Executive Express Hotel, Leduc-Nisku!  This employer welcomed LINX with open arms.  6 individuals have held various positions there for quite some time.  When a job fair was held recently for their newly opening Ricky's, they once again offered employment.  They have been a wonderful employer for many individuals, and have showed a great deal of patience with changes in LINX staffing.

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