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Learning Inclusion Networking X-cellence

(Volume 2010 No. 1)

This newsletter is the Board of Director's attempt to keep clients, parents, staff and caregivers abreast of what is happening at LINX. April 1, 2010 will mark the beginning of Year 3 for LINX. Questions have been asked about some of the topics below.

Board Priorities
Over the past year the Board has been focused on providing the best programs for our clients, staffing the organization with quality personnel (particularly at the management level), the completion of the Creating Excellence Together (CET) standards and ensuring that LINX is financially viable. Thanks to the hard work of the Executive Director, the CET process is nearing completion. Meeting the CET standards involved an extensive review of Board policies.
Membership in LINX
 At the LINX Annual General Meeting on June 25, 2008 a motion was approved outlining membership in LINX. The membership would include an annual fee of $240 which gave 1 vote to each member at membership meetings of LINX. Clients would be expected to pay a $10 annual membership fee but they would have non-voting status. The Board of Directors has discussed this motion but has been unwilling to adopt this motion because of the cost for some families and the impracticality of having 2 levels of parent participation in LINX – those who are members and those who cannot or will not pay the annual fees.
Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee has been involved with a number of activities. A very successful First Annual Gingerbread House Gala was held on November 28 at the Nisku Inn. The net proceeds from this event were $???. These proceeds will be directed toward a snoezelen room. This multi-sensory facility will be an invaluable resource for our clients. Plans are already underway for the Second Annual Gingerbread House Gale. Circle November 20, 2010 on your calendars for the next gingerbread house gala.
Members of the LINX community have assisted at a number of Elks bingos. In return the Elks service club donate some of the proceeds to LINX.
Second Glance continues to regularly provide funding to LINX.
Recently the Board applied for a grant from the City of Leduc. The intent of this grant is to provide new computers for our clients and to initiate a nutrition program. Within the past week, LINX received a cheque for the full amount of $35,000 to allow LINX to purchase the computers and to begin a much needed nutrition program for the Kosmos Kitchen at the Leduc Recreation Centre.
In addition to these efforts, the Rotary Club has agreed to sponsor LINX. The Executive Director is speaking to the Rotarians to determine what their sponsorship will mean to LINX.
Within the past week, the Executive Director and the Chair attended a meeting at which a unique fundraising concept was presented by the local Leduc Radio station. If the Fundraising Committee approves of the involvement of LINX in this activity, all LINX stakeholders will be encouraged to participate by purchasing tickets to local cultural events. More information will be forthcoming as this fundraising effort develops.
There has been some concern raised by LINX stakeholders about the announcements in the news media about PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities department) requesting the return of funding in the current fiscal year. In a letter dated December 16, 2009 PDD Edmonton sought the cooperation of LINX "in making an in-year adjustment of $30,703.08." Originally, the Board of Directors discussed this request at its December meeting and agreed to take funds from LINX's accumulated surplus to repay PDD. In January the Board agreed not to pursue this course of action as other similar organizations had refused to make in-year adjustments. Recently the Minister has indicated that she is still seeking support from organizations like LINX in finding ways to reduce costs. It is expected that there will be some adjustments in the next fiscal year but the Board is committed to keeping the impact of reduced funds to a minimum for LINX clients
Future Board Meetings  
The Board of Directors of LINX is committed to open Board meetings with as much transparency in it dealings as possible. At its Organizational Meeting the Board of Directors set its regular meeting for the third Wednesday of each month (with the exception of July and August) at 7:00 pm at the LINX Office. The next Board meetings are scheduled for:
February 17 at 7:00 pm Canceled due to Power Outage - Rescheduled to February 24 @ 7 pm
March 17 at 7:00 pm



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