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LINX Leduc Day Programs


Leduc LINX Connect Centre offers various levels of employment support to individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their employers in Leduc and area.


These job-based programs include:

Employment preparation classes

  • Linx ConnectIndividuals have the opportunity to be involved in a curriculum formatted system of 12 different classes offered each day.
  • Some of the ongoing classes being offered are in
  1. job preparation
  2. emotional management
  3. photography
  4. Improv
  5. Skills for independence,
  6. Computer skills
  7. New classes added frequently
  8. semesters change every 6 months to provide greatest options and choices


Employment supports

  • Individuals are given various levels of support with a job coach. Assistance is given to:
  1. Find employment
  2. Receive training
  3. Ongoing monitoring
  4. Employer liaison
  • Employers are recognized through a number of methods including:
  1. Monthly newsletters
  2. "Employer of the Month" program
  3. "We Belong" campaign


Community Access Program

  • This program allows individuals to be included in their community through volunteerism, either individually or in pairings/small groups.
  • Those requiring assistance and supervision at a job site are accompanied by a job coach.


Why should YOU connect with LINX to hire an individual with a disability?

Cost effectiveness!

  • Our individuals are committed to the jobs they have. You will not have the major cost of turnover.



  • Our job coaches provide a significant amount of the training to the individuals, reducing the time and money you need to spend on training.


Ongoing supervision!

  • Our staff provides consistent and ongoing supervision of the individual as needed.

A team for the price of one!

  • Hiring an individual with a disability gets you a wonderful staff that comes with a job coach,.a day program that provides employment training skills training, and an entire agency working behind you and the staff to accomplish the employment goals.

Community recognition!

  • You will be recognized through monthly newsletters, an "Employer of the Month" program, through a "We Belong" inclusion program, and a "Proud LINX Sponsor" decal campaign.


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