Q: How do I get services from LINX?

A: Anyone needing supports in Alberta can now contact Alberta Supports to streamline the steps they need to find the services they need. They can be found at www.albertasupports.ca or 1-877-644-9992, 780-644-9992 (Edmonton).

Q: When is Disability Employment Awareness Month?

A: October is Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) in Alberta to: celebrate workers with disabilities and their skills, successes and achievements in the work place, promote employment inclusion for people with varying abilities, raise public awareness about disability employment issues and the role we all play in fostering a disability-friendly work culture, and support employers in promoting inclusive hiring practices and demonstrating their ongoing commitment to Albertans with disabilities.

Q: Where can I find more information about Disability Employment Awareness Month?

A: Copy and paste any of these into your browser: 1. https://www.alberta.ca/disability-employment-awareness-month.aspx, 2. https://alis.alberta.ca/tools-and-resources/resources-for-employers/hiring-persons-with-disabilities-getting-started/, 3. https://alis.alberta.ca/tools-and-resources/resources-for-employers/hiring-persons-with-disabilities-a-sound-business-decision/

The staff at LINX are the best.

~ Mike (Leduc)

The thing I like best about LINX is the fact that I have an awesome coach and I’m getting the support I need.

~ LINX client

LINX has helped me to find a job, build my confidence and help with my anger issues.

~ LINX client

The thing I like best is that LINX is a very great place to work at. The staff is terrific and treat the clients with lots of respect.

~ LINX client

LINX has helped me because they supported me about wanting to live independently

~ LINX client

I am so proud of all the hard work that LINX does to provide support to it's clients and staff.

~ LINX staff