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Ways You Can Help Us Make a Difference



The important work LINX associates do for those they serve does not come without a sizeable price tag. Luckily, LINX has developed two important methods through which the public can assist with funding for ongoing programming goals. These pathways to support the LINX cause are available for both individuals, groups and businesses and include the following options:


1. Hearts and Heroes

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Hearts and Heroes is our annual fundraiser in February.  There is an amazing dinner, dance, and silent auction.  Please click to get your tickets and for further information. We hope to see you there!  Individual invitations can be viewed as well.


Linx Connect 2. Our Popular Pop Can Crusade

In partnership with the Leduc Bottle Depot, LINX offers a way you can help realize our fundraising objectives while helping you tidy up all the empty beverage containers in your house or garage. Simply let the staff at the depot know you wish to donate all or a portion of your bottle return proceeds to our cause and they will ensure we receive the funds. You can also call us at LINX to arrange for us to pick up your bottles. It is a fast, painless method of contributing to the betterment of our community.








3. The "PAWS" Program

The staff at the LINX Centre sincerely wish to recognize those generous souls that support the suite of services we offer developmentally challenged individuals in the City of Leduc and the adjoining county. To thank those supporters we commemorate the donation with a "paw" on our contributor wall. You can get more details of the program here.

4. Attending Special LINX Events

LINX staff are very creative in producing fun, memorable family events with the profits accruing to our important cause. Such large scale events which have been held in the past include:

  • Silent Auction events like Hearts and Heroes which require donations of auction items as well as people to "bid up" the donated items
  • Our Reverse 50-50 is VERY popular
  • A celebrity hockey game and dinner featuring the "Federal MP All-Stars vs The Leduc Dream Team"


5. Online Donations

Super simple and convenient! If you wish to give us a hand from the comfort of your computer desk, we have links available to all the most popular methods.

Donate here for one time or automatic monthly donations!




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